Q. What is a Qoosh Lounger?

A. A Qoosh Lounger is the most comfortable form of lounge you will ever have the experience of sitting, relaxing and lounging in.

Q. What is a Qoosh Lounger made of?

A. The Qoosh Lounger is filled with masses of high quality shredded Dunlop Durafoam ( Polyurethane Foam), that is durable, long lasting and doesn't flatten or need to be replaced over time like the old fashioned polystyrene beans in bean bags. 

Q. What sizes do the Qoosh Loungers come in ?

A. The Qoosh Loungers come in 5 different sizes so there's a Qoosh to suit everyone!

The range starts from the Mini 3ft kids Qoosh, through to the enormous X-Large 7ft Qoosh which can seat up to 4 adults.

Q. How do I clean my Qoosh?

A. Due to the product having an insert bag ( inner liner ), cleaning of the outer cover is easy. All covers are washable and all you need to do is take off the outer cover and follow the recommended care instructions tag on the inside cover. The insert bag can only be spot cleaned and if wet, leave in a warm dry area to air dry. Do not open or wash the insert bag as this is the housing for all the shredded foam. All products come with care and maintenance instructions. Please retain this pamphlet for future reference or contact us if you have any further queries about cleaning your Qoosh product.

Q. Can I get fabric samples?

A. If you are unsure of what fabric you would like, simply email us at sarahqoosh@gmail.com and forward us your address and details. We believe it is important for customers to be able to feel and see the fabrics before they make their choice.

Q. Can I order Covers separately?

A. Yes absolutely ! Many customers like to change their covers seasonally eg. faux fur material for winter snuggling and denim or microsuede for warmer months.