Product Features
  • Sizes ranging from 3ft Mini up to the massive 7ft X-L which can seat up to 4 adults. There's a size to suit everyone!

  • Various colours and fabrics.

  • Double stitching for extra strength.

  • Safety locking system on zips.

  • Replaceable outer covers if your in the mood for a change of colour or fabric.

  • Washable designer covers.

  • Insert cover bag to house the foam allowing for the outer covers to be washed and interchangeable.

  • Ultra comfort due to the soft shredded polyurethane filling.

  • 30 day manufacturers default warranty.

Awesome News!!!

QOOSH is Not a bean bag!

The Qoosh Lounger may first resemble a beanbag until you have the pleasure of  sitting  in this amazing product and discover that the Qoosh is far Superior, consisting of mass quantities of extra soft shredded polyurethane foam (Not polystyrene Beans) encased by a double stitched cotton insert cover bag.

The Insert bag is then covered by your chosen Designer cover, giving you the most Ultimate lounging experience ever!

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1-QOOSH 01.jpg